10 ways to celebrate Earth Day on Campus. 


There are so many ways you can celebrate Earth Day on campus this year using The Zips 100 list. Here are the top 10 ways to celebrate Earth Day at the University of Akron (UA).

1. Picking up trash

Nothing screams “Earth Day” more than picking up trash. It's the simplest way to contribute to a greener Earth and campus. All you need to do is grab some gloves and a trash bag and you’re all set! Once you are ready, go ahead and complete #54. Discover the beauty of UA’s Community Garden. While there, go ahead and pick up any trash you might see! If you are feeling up for a challenge, invite a friend or two to join you – the more people, the more fun you will have! 


2. Recycling 

“Make sure you recycle!” You have probably heard this phrase one too many times from your parents or friends. But it's true! One of the greatest ways to celebrate Earth Day is by being more conscious of your recycling habits. So, the next time you are passing a recycling bin on campus, think to yourself, “Did I recycle today, or just throw everything away?”

3. Biking

Tired of running on the treadmill? It might be time to switch things up! Complete #44. Visit Dirty River Bicycle Works, and get everything you need to enjoy bicycling, from eight different brands of bikes, bike equipment and repair services. Once you , go ahead and plan your own biking route. Your route can be as short as a loop around Colemen Commons or you could complete #30. Explore the Towpath Trail right in downtown.

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4. Eating outside 

The next time you are grabbing some food from the Jean Hower Taber Student Union, think twice about where you are going to sit. Maybe this time, instead of sitting inside, you could complete #87. See the 472 cherry blossom trees when they’re in full bloom along the Towpath through downtown. There you could sit and eat your next meal underneath the cherry blossoms’ pink canopy. 


5. Stargazing 

When there is a cloud-free night, grab a blanket, your favorite drink and snacks, and invite a couple of friends to lay underneath the stars. You can gaze upon the wonders of the universe all night and appreciate its infinite beauty. If you want a little more silence when you gaze at the stars, go ahead, and do #94. Find a peaceful retreat in the campus Remembrance Garden for moments of reflection.


6. Hammocking 

All you need are a couple of trees, and you are ready to start relaxing – and there are plenty of trees in Colemen Commons that are perfect for hammocking! Once you find your perfect spot, you can read a book, study or simply relax. Grab whatever you need that relaxes you and enjoy the beauty of campus life and the outdoors. Once you are done hammocking, go ahead and check off #7. Find serenity while studying at Coleman Commons.

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7. Have a movie night outside 

Whether you have a projector of your own or borrow one from a friend, bringing the movies outside is always fun! Whether you prefer a horror movie or a rom com, invite all your friends and bring some popcorn, candy and your favorite fizzy drink. 

8. Join a new club

There are over 300 student organizations on campus, and what better way to celebrate Earth Day, show your campus spirit and demonstrate your environmental awareness than to join an “Earth” club. Three of the many organizations you could join include Environmental Action (EA), Geoscience Club and Hiking & Outdoors Club. These clubs are open to students of any major, so, no matter your experience, you can always enjoy the beauty of Earth with other UA students. 

9. Take a trip to UA’s Field Station 

Feel like you need something a little more adventurous this Earth Day? Check out #51. Discover the wonders of nature at the University of Akron Field Station. There you can explore the environment UA researchers use to better understand local habitat restoration and terrestrial ecology. You can also interact with community members who share a passion for environmental awareness.


10. Go buy a reusable water bottle at the bookstore

Having a reusable water bottle is one of the best ways to cut down on plastic waste. According to Arcadia, “The average human needs to drink four plastic bottles per day, you would be saving 1,460 plastic bottles per year by using a reusable bottle.” Visit the UA Bookstore to purchase a new, reusable UA water bottle. 

Photo credit: Downtown Akron Partnership