A step back in time: Zippy’s past Halloween Costumes


Halloween is upon us! And if you look around The University of Akron’s (UA) campus, you will notice more than just students in costumes – Zippy is dressed up too! She can be seen dressed up in her iconic costumes each year interacting with students, and each costume has its own unique story. 


The dark, spooky festivities are everywhere this Halloween, but lurking around campus is something much brighter: Barbie! That’s right, this Halloween season, Zippy is Barbie, inspired by the hit 2023 movie Barbie.


In 2022, Zippy went “under the sea” for her Halloween costume, dressing up as “Roo-Sulla” inspired by the villain Ursula, a scheming sea witch from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. 


“How marvelous! How marvelous!” In 2021 Zippy, transformed into the marvelous “Roo-Ella de Vil”, drawing inspiration from villain Cruella, a black and white-haired, fashion-eccentric heiress from the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. 


In 2019, Zippy was “totally buggin” around campus as Cher – a fashionable, well-meaning high school girl often clueless about her romantic life from the movie Clueless.  


Zippy had a blast from the past in 2018 and dressed up as her favorite aviator: Amelia Earhart. The legendary pilot was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo. 


Wonder Zip, dauntless defender of Zip Nation, roams the UA campus in pursuit of truth, justice and the Akron Experience.


With the vocal support of a cappella groups Nuance and Rhythm & Roos, Zippy entertained students handing out candy dressed as "Zeyoncé."


In Zoo-Rassic World – Fear the Z-Rex, a Zippysaurus is on the loose and the mysterious creature takes on the University of Akron campus.