Student Organization Spotlight: Dodgeball Club


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To help students in their search for the perfect organization, UCM will be highlighting student-led organizations, with Q&As featuring club presidents or advisors.

Student Group: Dodgeball Club

President: Cooper Sites, a third-year mechanical engineering major


Q: What is the mission of the Dodgeball Club?

A: The Dodgeball Club is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to enjoy new friendships, feed their competitive fire, learn the game of dodgeball and compete for a national title with teams from across the country.

Q: What events, gatherings and activities does the Dodgeball Club host?

A: We typically host two co-ed tournaments throughout the year, one in October titled “Pink Out,” which shows support for breast cancer awareness, and one in March, titled "War.” Additionally, our women’s team hosts a tournament once per semester. We are also in the process of hosting a couple of fundraiser tournaments for students on campus to promote what our club is about and to engage with a broader community.

Q: Why should a student join the Dodgeball Club?

A: The Dodgeball Club is a great opportunity to find new friends and feel more connected on campus. It also allows students to feed their competitive nature, especially those who miss playing a competitive sport or are looking to join one.

Q: How does Dodgeball Club prepare students for their future careers?

A: Being a part of our club teaches both teamwork and communication skills. Playing dodgeball is a completely new sport for most, and this is comparable to getting a new job. The environment is entirely new and you need to adjust to what is around you through communication and teamwork skills. Dodgeball Club teaches these essential skills.

Q: Does Dodgeball Club compete in any competitions, if so, please explain the competition.

A: We compete in the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association. Our club competes in tournaments around 1-2 times a month. We also travel to schools all around the state of Ohio and surrounding states. At each tournament, we play 3-4 games. Each co-ed game has two, twenty-five-minute halves, whereas each women’s game has two, fifteen-minute halves.

Q: What significant achievements, awards, or honors has the Dodgeball Club received?

A: Our club is regularly one of the top three teams in Ohio. Last year, our co-ed team had the best finish in club history, finishing in the elite eight of the 2023 national tournament. Our women’s team ranked first nationally last year.

Q: What is one goal the Dodgeball Club hopes to achieve in the future?

A: Our team has our eyes set on the national championship this year. We have high standards as a club, especially this year, but we hope to ride the momentum from our great performance last year.

Q: Where does the Dodgeball Club meet, and what time?

A: Our club practices twice a week, Monday and Thursday nights, from 6-8 p.m., in Central Hower High School, which is located across E Buchtel Ave from the College of Arts and Sciences building.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say about the Dodgeball Club?

A: Our club is always looking to expand with new members joining. It is a great opportunity to make friends and feel more connected on campus. Almost everyone playing dodgeball starts with zero experience, so it is very easy to pick up!