TV shows according to UA majors pt. 2


Back by popular demand – we bring part 2 of “TV shows according to majors” - curated selection of popular shows tailored to each major. Whether you're diving into the world as an education major or caring for patients as a nursing major, these six binge-worthy recommendations are waiting for your next rainy day. If you haven’t seen part one, check it out here.

Let's dive in!

1.    Political Science: “The West Wing”

As the name implies, “The West Wing” is set mainly in the West Wing of the White House. The series follows the fictional administration of President Josiah Bartlet and his staff as they navigate the complexities of governing the United States. Although it is a fictional tv series, “The West Wing” is known for its accurate and detailed portrayal of the political process. It offers insights into how government institutions work, the challenges of policymaking and the dynamics of political campaigns. For political science majors, this can provide valuable context and understanding of real-world politics.

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2.    Social Work: “The Fosters”

“The Fosters” follows the lives of the Foster family, a diverse group consisting of an interracial lesbian couple, their biological and adopted children, and later, foster children. It explores the dynamics of blended families, adoption and foster care, providing insights into the complexities of family relationships and the importance of acceptance and support. When watching the show, you can see firsthand how social workers navigate the challenges of child welfare, advocating for the best interests of children, while also supporting families in crisis.

3.    Education: “Abbott Elementary”

“Abbott Elementary" provides education majors with an entertaining and insightful look into the joys and challenges of teaching in an urban public school. This show is a comedy series on Hulu, that follows a diverse staff of teachers navigating their way through the classroom and overall school dynamic. Future educators will be able to watch and see valuable lessons about lesson planning, classroom management and collaborative problem-solving displayed from the class. The show is set in urban Philadelphia and showcases the importance of cultural competence and inclusive teaching practices for all students.

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4.    Public Relations: “Scandal”

Grab your popcorn and make yourself comfortable for an hour to watch the thrilling political Shondaland TV show, “Scandal.” Follow former White House press secretary, Olivia Pope, as she navigates the craziest crisis management scenarios. Pope and her team handle various political scandals and crises while navigating the complex world of politics and power. If you want a taste of the extreme side of crisis and strategic communication, then “Scandal” will be sure to fill your cup.

5.    Marketing: “Mad Men”

“Man Men” revolves around the lives of advertising executives at a Madison Avenue advertising agency. While watching this show, marketing majors can learn about the historical evolution of advertising techniques, consumer behavior and market trends, gaining insights that can inform their understanding of modern-day marketing practices. Students will be able to get valuable insight into the ins and outs of how an advertising agency works.

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6.    Nursing: “ER”

Based in an Emergency Room, “ER” follows nurses and hospital staff as they navigate complex cases while saving lives. The show provides a realistic view of nursing in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment. Viewers witness the nurses performing a wide range of tasks, including patient assessments, medication administration, wound care and patient education. Nursing majors can learn about the scope of nursing, while also witnessing the importance of teamwork, communication and critical thinking in delivering quality patient care.