Why Mathematics?

Math is everywhere—it is used to describe the world around us!

Mathematicians reach realistic solutions using abstract tools. We can create mathematical models at any scale — electrons, ecosystems, or economies. We can design new molecules for medicines and materials. We can optimize for efficient communication and secure networking. We can decode a genome and decipher its history. We can discover the best environmental and financial options for the future.

Doing mathematics is interesting, exciting, and fulfilling. Solving a challenging problem and knowing you have the right answer is a truly rewarding experience! The study of Applied Mathematics teaches you how to analyze complex problems so you can obtain meaningful solutions.

But what can you do with a degree in Applied Math?

The strong analytical skills you develop by studying Mathematics are an invaluable asset no matter what career path you ultimately pursue. Mathematics is the foundation of all the natural sciences. Mathematics is central to many of today’s most exciting fields, like data analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, computational science, and more.

We offer some of the most valuable College majors. With a degree in mathematics or applied mathematics you will be in high demand in virtually any field— in the public, academic and industrial sectors. Math majors have all the skills employers want!

Applied mathematicians use mathematics to solve problems in science and engineering. Theoretical mathematicians explore beyond the physical models. We create new mathematics by uncovering logical structures, geometries, patterns and symmetries.

Did You Know? Applied Math career

Why study Applied Math at The University of Akron?

The University of Akron has a reputation for excellence in applied sciences and engineering. The mathematics department builds on this tradition and focuses on a modern and practical approach to mathematics, combining theory and application with strong flavor on applied interdisciplinary mathematics.

  • Our faculty are active researchers and also are great educators .
  • Our program is flexible and allows you to pick upper-level electives in an area outside of Math but requiring the application of Math. So, you can tailor our program to your interests and career plans. Our classes are small, so you get to know the faculty and we get to know you.

What do we offer?

At the University of Akron, we offer BS and MS degrees in Applied Mathematics.

Where do our students go after graduation?

The Math Department has a strong track record of getting undergraduates involved in faculty research. Our graduates have gone on to great success in industry, government, and academia.

Why the University of Akron?

So, if you are interested in math and how it can be used to solve current and future challenges, come join us and together we will rise!

Writing the Next Chapter

Through learning and working with UA faculty with undergraduate research on nanotubes, Brad rose to his fullest potential through UA’s Department of Mathematics. Such experiences provided Brad with new skills that earned him a full-time job in his field shortly after graduating and “a level of care and mentorship that I will never forget.”

You are in the right place for a great career!

The top 10 best jobs in the recent rankings include mathematician, operations research analyst, actuary, statistician, and one of the best paid and most in demand: data scientist.

Master's Degrees and Honors College

The Department of Mathematics offers a variety of interdisciplinary accelerated 5-year BS/MS programs! This program meshes well with an Honors College thesis. Transition to the graduate program happens during the 4th year. Planning early is the key to success for these programs; for more information, visit 5-year Master's or contact Dr. Pat Wilber, Graduate Coordinator of the Math Department, at jw50@uakron.edu.

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