Sasa V. Dordevic, Ph.D


Experimental Condensed matter physics


My current research efforts are focused on the following areas of condensed matter physics:                                         

    • Superconductor informatics. My students and I have been using novel artificial intelligence techniques, such as supervised machine learning, clustering and generative adversarial networks (GAN) to search for new superconducting materials. 
    • Superfluid density in high Tc superconductors. My collaborators and I have been investigating doping dependence of superfluid density in high Tc superconductors, in particular in overdoped cuprates.
    • Topological insulators. We have investigated the behavior of topological insulators in high magnetic fields.
    • Low-temperature photoluminescence. My students and I have been studying photoluminescence spectra of polymers at very low temperatures (see image to the right).

    Recent publications:

      1. E. Kim and S.V. Dordevic, “ScGAN: A Generative Adversarial Network to Predict Hypothetical Superconductors”, submitted to Physical Review B (2022).
      2. B. Roter, N.Ninkovic and S.V. Dordevic, “Clustering superconductors using unsupervised machine learning”, Physica C 598, 1354078 (2022).
      3. S.V. Dordevic and C.C. Homes, “Superfluid density in overdoped cuprates: bulk samples versus thin films”, Physical Review B 105, 214514 (2022).
      4. B. Roter and S.V. Dordevic, “Predicting new superconductors and their critical temperatures using machine learning”, Physica C 575, 1353689 (2020).
      5. K. Tsagli and S.V. Dordevic, “Temperature Dependence of Photoluminescence Spectra in Polystyrene”, Materials Performance and Characterization 9, 675 (2020).
      6. S.V. Dordevic, Hechang Lei, C. Petrovic, J.Ludwig, Z.Q.Li and D. Smirnov, “Observation of cyclotron antiresonance in the topological insulator Bi2Te3”, Physical Review B 98, 115138 (2018).
      7. T. Posavec, S. Nepal and S.V. Dordevic, “Low temperature luminescence in some common polymers”, Materials Performance and Characterization 7, 178 (2018).