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Akron Regional Science Olympiad

March 11, 2023

Akron Regional Science Olympiad

Page Last Updated 01/30/23

Drop-in Event Online Registration (For build events, etc. that run all day long)

Online Registration for these events will occur:

  • Registration BEGINS:
    • For Div B: at February 26, 2023 @ 09:00 PM EST
    • For Div C: at February 26, 2023 @ 09:10 PM EST
  • Registration ENDS at March 8, 2023 @ 1:30 PM EST (mid-day)

To participate, head coaches must register yourself, your school and your team(s) on the Akron Regional Scilympiad System ( before 2/11/23.

If you used Scilympiad to register for any invitationals, you should be able to use the same login id to register for Akron Regional. Email: if you have problems.

A practice window will be open from Jan 14th until January 31 at noon. Please practice reserving your drop-in events using the computer you will be using for the real sign-ups.

Please practice, so if you have questions or problems we can resolve them long before e-signups start.

HOW TO PICK YOUR EVENT SLOTS: Use your Coaches "Head Coach Dashboard" at

  • Pick "Coaches" from the blue banner at top, pick "Head Coach Dashboard" from dropdown, pick "Event Signup" button on the dashboard.
  • Click "Sign up" (far left column) to sign up for your desired time block for each event.
  • To cancel a timeblock, click Show all my signups then click Delete.
  • Click Show teams to view teams signed up for the timeblock.
  • Check top of the chart for any error message.
  • During peak signup Available spots may be less than displayed since other teams might take the spots while you're viewing. Hit F5 key (or browser re-fresh button) often to refresh counts.
  • 2 team schools: Timeblocks with check mark in column All In means all teams from the school must sign up for the same block. Note: If you have more than 1 team, pop-up needs to be enabled to use this page.
  • Made a mistake? Click "Show all my signups" blue button, delete the mistake, click Ok, click the green "Event Signup" button to make a new choice.
  • NOTE: POP-UPS must be enabled on your browser.

Laurel Lohrey will be monitoring the email account on the first Sunday night until 10:00 pm.

Please email if you have difficulties.

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Please contact us at for more information.