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About tuition

Ohio resident tuition

The Ohio resident tuition is the instructional fee that is assessed to all students. It is based on:

  • the number of credit hours taken (see the note about the tuition plateau below),
  • status (undergraduate/graduate/MBA/professional); and
  • for undergraduates, where classes are taken (Main Campus, the Medina County University Center or Wayne College).

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Selective Service Registration: non-resident tuition for Ohio residents

Ohio law requires that the Non-resident Tuition Surcharge also be applied to male students between the ages of 18 and 26 who are Ohio residents and who have not provided verification of Selective Service registration.

Avoid the Non-resident Tuition Surcharge by providing the required Selective Service number in person to the Office of the University Registrar located in Simmons Hall or by e-mail at registrar@uakron.edu . To register for the Selective Service or to locate a lost or non-received Selective Service number, you may contact the Selective Service System online or call 1-847-688-6888.

Non-resident tuition surcharge

Students who are not Ohio residents are assessed a non-resident surcharge plus Ohio resident tuition. The total cost is based on:

  • the number of credit hours taken,
  • status (undergraduate/graduate/MBA/professional); and
  • for undergraduates, where classes are taken (Main Campus or Wayne College).

How much is the nonresident surcharge?

Tuition plateau

Undergraduate students who take 12-18 credit hours during a semester are charged for only 12 credit hours of tuition. This common practice of charging the same amount for a range of credit hours during a semester is called a tuition plateau.

Akron's tuition plateau is 12-18 credit hours. Students who take more than 18 credit hours in a semester will be responsible for tuition for each additional credit hour beyond 18. Credit-hour-based charges for the General Fee and the Facilities Fee reach maximum levels at 12 credit hours and are not affected by the plateau change.

The calculation process affects undergraduate students who take more than 18 credit hours and those who take classes at both Wayne College or the Medina County University Center and the Main Campus in Akron.

When you are adding credit hours to determine if the total falls within the plateau, the calculation can include only those hours that are in the same location. In other words, you cannot combine credit hours at the Wayne campus with those taken at the Main Campus because the rates are dissimilar.

EFFECTIVE FALL 2013: If a student enrolls in various locations/programs during a single term, the advantage of the plateau (flat rate for 12-18 credit hours) will be lost. Students will be charged per credit hour by location. All credit hours beyond 18 will be charged the Akron undergraduate rate.

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