Strengthen your computer skills

To be successful at Akron, adult learners need certain basic technological skills.

  1. Mouse skills (your placement testing will be done on the computer, and if you do not have mouse skills, these will be more difficult for you).
  2. Basic ability to type (25 words/minute will be very helpful in word-processing your papers).
  3. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word (so you can word-process your papers).
  4. Email skills (you must be able to send and receive e-mail and attach a document).
  5. Basic library research skills.

Expand your abilities

  1. If you do not have a computer at home, go to your nearest public library or other facility with free access (such as the Akron Urban League, Family Solutions, or AMHA).
  2. Learn free computer basics at

Computer Self-Help Guides

Please visit Software Training and Technological Services and click on the "Students" tab.  There is documentation for Microsoft applications, BrightSpace, MyAkron and much more.