Guide for class registration

Follow the steps below to properly plan your registration. Learn what to do before you register for classes, how to register, important dates and deadlines for adding and dropping classes, and who to contact with questions.


    1. What to do/know BEFORE registering

    2. How to register

    3. What to do/know to FINISH your registration

    4. Faculty and Staff Resources


1. Meet with your Academic Advisor

Academic advisors assist students in developing intellectual potential and exploring educational and career paths. You should meet with your academic advisor two weeks before your enrollment appointment date.

View your academic advisor

Through a meeting with your academic advisor, you have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about your degree requirements, academic policies and procedures
  • Plan and pursue a program that consists with your abilities, interest and life goals
  • Assist with connecting you to campus resources

2. Run your Degree Progress Report (DPR)

The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is an online guide to assist you in reviewing your academic progress towards degree completion as well as being used in the final degree clearance process. Based on your current academic record, My DPR will display your academic requirements including what requirements have been satisfied and what needs to be completed in order to complete your degree.

► Learn how to read your DPR

To run your DPR:

  1. Log into My Akron
  2. Click Student Center
  3. Under Academics, click on the drop-down, and select “My Degree Progress Report” and then click the on the double arrow.

3. Check for holds

Different offices and departments on campus use “holds” to prevent a student from enrolling. If a hold has been placed in your account, you are required to get in touch with that office before you begin registering. 

To review if you have a specific hold:

  1. Log into My Akron
  2. Click Student Center
  3. Under "holds" click view details
  4. The number to contact will be provided in the description notes.


1. Check your enrollment appointment

Your enrollment appointment displays the date and time you may begin to enroll in courses for the upcoming term. Your enrollment appointment is a based on the amount of credits you have completed.

View your enrollment appointment:

  1. Log into My Akron
  2. Click Student Center
  3. Under "Enrollment Dates" click details

2. Online registration

You can register for classes using your My Akron account during your scheduled enrollment appointment date.

Register for classes: 

  1. Log into My Akron
  2. Click Student Center
  3. Under “Academics” click enroll
  4. Select the term you want to enroll in
  5. Search for classes
  6. Enroll

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3. Late Registration

Students should register at their earliest opportunity. Those who register late, pay a processing fee to do so. Information about registration periods including late registrations can be found at Fall 2020 semester dates.


1. Pay your bill

You have not finished registration until your bill has been paid in full. Your payment deadline is displayed in your My Akron account under student center.  If you fail to pay your bill by the deadline, you will be dropped from your courses for nonpayment.

If you are interested in learning about payment plans, you must speak to the Student Accounts/Bursars Office.

Pay your bill:

  1. Log into My Akron
  2. Go to the Student Center (top left of the page)
  3. On the Student Center page, look for the Finance header
  4. Choose Make a Payment/View eBill

2. Schedule change

If your required classes are full or closed, you may have the opportunity to adjust your schedule during the first two weeks of classes. Often students are dropped for nonpayment of tuition, which can create an open seat in a class you may need to take.

► View the late registration period.

3. Drop dates

If you find you need to drop one of your classes, be sure to consult your academic advisor to determine if/how this will effect your degree completion timeline. You have from the first day of class until the second week to drop your class on your own.

► View the drop dates

How to drop a class:

    1. Log into My Akron
    2. Click Student Center
    3. Under Academics, click the drop down box for "other academic..."
    4. Click Enrollment: Drop and the double-arrow icon
    5. Your list of classes will be displayed. Click the box in the Select column for the class you want to drop
    6. Click Drop Selected Classes
    7. Confirm your decision on the next page by clicking the Finish Dropping button