Departmental Zip Card


The Departmental Zip Card is a pre-paid declining balance “All Campus” account that makes on-campus purchasing easier and less time consuming for colleges, departments and their personnel.

Some benefits for its use include:


Electronic processing eliminates the need for an on-campus requisition each time you make a purchase at a location that accepts the Zip Card. The Departmental Zip Card is all you need.


The Online Zip Card transaction system will verify the availability of funds in the account and will keep a log of the transaction history of the card.


A hold can be placed on the account if a card is lost, thus suspending the use of the card.

How to order a Departmental Zip Card

Submit a University of Akron “On-Campus Order Form/Requisition” to the Zip Card Office in order to obtain and/or make deposits into the Departmental Zip Card account.

Only department heads, deans or managers may authorize the issuance of a Departmental Zip Card.

When your Departmental Zip Card is ready the Zip Card Office will contact you to come pick up the card.  The card must be picked up in person.


The Departmental Zip Card may be limited to specific locations or type of purchases.

For example:

  • All locations usage

  • Printing only

  • Photocopying only

  • On-campus locations

  • Food locations only

  • On-campus except food

Registering the Departmental Zip Card

We strongly recommend that someone in the department register the card at our “Online Zip Card Office” for greater control of the card.

Once registered you can:

  • Review transaction history

  • Report the card lost or stolen


It is the responsibility of the department to keep track of card, purchases and receipts. The card is for official University expenses (not personal use).

It is not the responsibility of the Zip Card Office to monitor the use of this card and the charges incurred on it. We recommend the use of our “Online Zip Card Office,” at, to monitor charges incurred on the card.

Lost Cards

If a Departmental Zip Card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the Zip Card Office (330) 972-5637. You may also report the card lost via the Online Zip Card Office, providing that the card is registered in the Online Zip Card Office system.

Reporting the card lost or stolen allows us to suspend the account, preventing any further transactions until the card is found or replaced.

If the card is found, notify the Zip Card Office so that the suspension can be removed.

There is a $20.00 (effective July 1, 2014) fee to replace a lost or stolen Departmental Zip Card.


Please remind the merchant that the purchase is for The University of Akron and that the University is exempt from paying Ohio Sales Tax. The Tax-Exempt ID is on the front of the Departmental Zip Card. Participating Zip Card merchants should have a “University Blanket Certificate of Exemption” on file, but we suggest taking one with you for your first purchase at that merchant. “The University Blanket Certificate of Exemption” forms are located on the University’s Purchasing website.

Please request a printed receipt before you begin your transaction.