Research Spotlight: Assistant Professor of English Eric Wasserman has debut novel published

Assistant Professor of English Eric Wasserman has just published his first novel, Celluloid Strangers. Lovingly researched and written over the past decade, it tells the story of four brothers who have left their native northeast and converge in Los Angeles just after WWII ends. A lawyer, a mobster, a screenwriter, and a shopkeeper, each of these men makes a profound impact on the emerging landscape of postwar California as they deal with the impact their shared history—and our nation’s history—has had upon them. Old Hollywood, studio era union struggles, and recreated House Un-American Activities Committee investigations into supposed communist subversion in the motion picture industry abound in this highly readable big novel that award-winning author Jay Neugeboren says “tellingly reminds us of why Hollywood looms so large in our lives. Praised already, Wesley Strick, author of Out There in the Dark and screenwriter of Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear says that Professor Wasserman “conveys the kick and curse of history and the grit of real life, along with the arc of a dark fable.” And Frederick Reiken, national bestseller and author of Day For Night goes on to say that “Celluloid Strangers puts our obsession with Hollywood in precise and intimate terms.”

Professor Wasserman has been on faculty at UA since 2007 and teaches courses on fiction writing, literature on Jewish themes, film studies, and he has a particular interest in the Old Testament as literature. He also serves as UA’s campus coordinator for the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing (NEOMFA) and is the founder of Rubbertop Review: An Annual Journal of The University of Akron and Greater Ohio.

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