The Sam Ella Dukes Memorial Poetry Prize

This prize honors the memory of Sam Ella Dukes, who taught English in the public schools of Florida and South Carolina for over forty years. The prize will be awarded each April by a committee of English department faculty appointed by the chair of the department.


Graduate Students: 1st prize of $125, 2nd prize of $75

Undergraduate Students: 1st prize of $125 and 2nd prize of $75.

Who can enter:

All UA undergraduate and graduate students

Submission Guidelines:
  • Enter up to three poems consisting of no more than six pages total
  • Subject matter is open to the poet
  • On a separate page, include the poet's name, level (grad or undergrad), postal address, email address, and phone number
  • The poems themselves should appear without any identifying information; in other words, the poet’s name and address should NOT appear on the same pages as the poems.
  • No manuscripts will be returned. The winners will be announced by the Department of English.

Submit work to:

The Sam Ella Dukes Memorial Poetry Prize, c/o Dr. Mary Biddinger, Department of English, The University of Akron, 44325-1906. Submissions may also be dropped off in Dr. Biddinger’s mailbox in the English Department. Questions may be directed to

Sam Ella Dukes Memorial Poetry Prize Winners


Jacob Euteneuer
Jacob Euteneuer

Meg Johnson

Christine Martin
Christine Martin

Carita Keim


No Picture
Sarah Dravec Meg Johnson
Shelby Heitzenrater James Phillips


Samuel Snodgrass Nicholas Sturm
Samuel Snodgrass Nicholas Sturm
Nathan Kemp Katelyn Mertz
Nathan Kemp Katelyn Mertz

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