Recent Publications


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"Review of Logi Gunnarson's Philosophy of Personal Identity and Multiple Personality," The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 61, pp. 418-420, 2011.

"Reply to Baumann on Factivity and Contextualism," co-authored w/Anthony Brueckner, Analysis, Vol. 70, No. 3, pp. 486-489, 2010.


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"The Problem of Unemployment," Economics, Management, and Financial Markets, (forthcoming).

"Finding Consistency in Roussea," Philosophy Study, (forthcoming).

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"The Head and the Groin of Rock," (originally titled "Grist for the John Stuart Mill: Rock and Roll as a Higher Pleasure"), The Rolling Stones and Philosophy, edited by George Reisch and Luke Dick, Chicago: Open Court, pp. 57-66, 2011.

"From Metagenomics to the Metagenome: New Images of the Human from 'Translational' Genomic Research," co-written w/E. Juengst, Genomics, Society, and Policy, 5, pp. 1-19, 2011.

“GINA and Preemployment Criminal Background Checks,” co-authored w/Shawneeque Callier and Eric Juengst, Hastings Center Report, pp. 15-19, January-February 2010.


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"An Epicurean Alternative to Religion," Free Inquiry, 31.1 (December 2010/January 2011): 48-49.