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Medina County 11/8/17
Summit County 11/8/17
Wayne County


CBA Addition (SF330 RFQ) 170015 Y Y CBLH Design, Inc.
CBA Addition (SF330 CM at Risk) 170015 Y Y Regency Construction Services, Inc.
General Lab Renovations-Olson, Goodyear, and Auburn Science UAK150011 Y


DS Architecture, LLC Y Y
InfoCision Stadium LJFF I Promise Suite 170021 Y Y Hasenstab Architects, Inc.        Y Y
Institue for Human Science & Culture (Architecture Qualifications) 170020 Y Y BSHM Architects, Inc.
Institute for Human Science & Culture (CM at Risk Qualifications) 170020 Y Y
IT Infrastructure-Cable/Wiring Replacement (Request for Qualifications) UAK170004 Y Y Osborn Engineering
Schrank Deck Waterproofing 170018 Y Desman Design Management
Campus Hardscape: Sumner Street Bridge Replacement UAK170003 Y Y
ASEC Exterior Facade Restoration (Phase 3) UAK150004 Y TC Architects Y
Folk Hall Chiller Replacement UAK170008 Y Scheeser Buckley Mayfield LLC
Polsky Exterior Facade Restoration - Exterior Lighting UAK170002 Y Barber & Hoffman, Inc.


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