Technical Report Series

Recent Publications

Dr. Sujay Datta:

Dhavala, S.S., Datta, S., Mallick, B.K., Carroll, R.J., Khare, S., Lawhon, S.D. & Adams, L.G. (2010). Bayesian Modeling of MPSS Data: Gene Expression Analysis of Bovine Salmonella Infection. JASA, 105(491), 956-967.

Lassala, A., Bazer, F.W., Cudd, T.A., Datta, S., Keisler, D.H., Satterfield, M.C., Spencer, T.E. & Wu, G. (2010). Parenteral administration of L-arginine prevents fetal growth restriction in undernourished ewes. Journal of Nutrition, 140, 1242-1248.

R. Nagarajan, S. Datta, M. Scutari, M. L. Beggs, G. T. Nolen and C. A. Peterson (2010). Functional Relationships Between Genes Associated with Differentiation Potential of Aged Myogenic Progenitors. Frontiers in Physiology (Systems Biology section), 1(21), 1–8.

Mitra, S., Datta, S., Perkins, T. & Michailidis, G. (2008). An Introduction to Bioinformatics and Machine Learning, Chapman & Hall (Taylor & Francis).

Dr. Richard Einsporn:

Einsporn, R., and Habtzghi, D. (2013) , “Combining Paired and Two-Sample Data Using a Permutation Test,” Journal of Data Science, Vol. 11, No. 4, available at 

Steiger, J., Saccone, P., Einsporn, R., Cox, C., Squires, R. (2013, in press). “AuD students’ perceptions and influences regarding careers in independent practice,” American Journal of Audiology, available at

Perosa, L., Perosa, S., and Einsporn, R. (2013). “Individuation/Attachment Relationships Mediating Between Overall Family Boundaries and Drive for Thinness and Bulimia Behaviors Reported by College Females,” VISTAS Online 2013, Article 40, accessed 17-Apr-2013 at

Kreidler, M., and Einsporn, R. (2012) “A Comparative Study of Therapy Duration for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse,” Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, Vol. 50, No. 4, 26-32.

Radesic, B., Winkelman, C., Einsporn, R., and Kless, J. (2012). “Examining the Ease of Intubation using the Parker Flex-Tip® or a  Standard Mallinckrodt® Endotracheal Tube using the GlideScope®”, AANA Journal, Vol. 80, No.5, 363-372.

Dr. Mark Fridline:

“The almost sure version of Cramer’s Theorem”, with Manfred Denker, Dependence in Probability, Analysis and Number Theory.  Kendrick Press 2010, pp 195-201.

Dr. Desale Habtzghi:

"One Sample Goodness of Fit Tests under Shape Restricted Alternative," with S. Datta.  To appear in Sankhya B, 2012.

"Nonparametric Estimation of Density and Hazard Rate Functions with Shape Restrictions," with M. Meyer.  Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, 23, Volume 23 (2), 455–470, 2011.

"Model based confidence interval for binomial proportion," with C. Midha and A. Das.  Section on Nonparametric Statistics, Proceedings Joint Statistical Meetings, 4546-4559, 2010.

"Estimation of Hazard Functions with Shape Restrictions using Regression Splines, Nonparametric Statistics and Mixture Models: A Festschrift in Honor of Thomas P. Hettmansperger," with M. Meyer. Editors Donald Richards, James L. Rosenberger, and David Hunter, pp 252-266, 2010.

"Soil strength assessment using threshold probability approach on soils from three agro-ecological zones in Eritrea," with M. Tekste and L. Stroosnijder.  Biosystems Engineering, 470-478, 2007.

"Median of the P-value under the Alternative Hypothesis," with B. Bhattacharya.  The American Statistician, Volume 56, Issue 3, Pages 202-207, 2002.

Dr. Zhenyu Jia:

Jia, Z., Wang, Y., Sawyers, A., Yao, H., Rahmatpanah, F., Xia, X., Xu, Q., Pio, R., Turan, T., Koziol, J., Goodison, S., Carpenter, P., Wang-Rodriquez, J., Simoneau, A., Meyskens, F., Sutton, M., Lernhardt, W., Beach, T, Monforte, J., McClelland, M. and Mercola, D. (2011) Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer Using Differentially Expressed Genes in Stroma. Cancer Research, 71:2476-2487.

Jia, Z.*, Rahmatpanah, F., Chen, X., Lernhardt, W., Wang, Y., Xia, X., Sawyers, A., McClelland, M.* and Mercola, D.* (2012) Expression changes in the stroma of prostate cancer predict subsequent relapse. PLoS ONE, 7(8): e4137.

Chen, X., Xu, S., McClelland, M., Rahmatpanah, F., Sawyers, A., Jia, Z.*, Mercola, D*. (2012) An Accurate Prostate Cancer Prognosticator Using a Seven-Gene Signature Plus Gleason Score and Taking Cell Type Heterogeneity into Account. PLoS ONE, 7(9): e45178.

Jia, Z.*, Wang, Y., Hu, Y., McLaren, C., Yu, Y., Ye, K., Xia, X., Koziol, J., Lernhardt, W., McClelland, M. and Mercola, D. (2013) A Sample Selection Strategy to Boost the Statistical Power of Signature Detection in Cancer Expression Profile Studies. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, 13(2):203-11.

Pio, R., Jia, Z., Baron, V., Merola, D. (2013) Early Growth Response Gene 3 (Egr3) is highly over-expressed in non-relapsing prostate cancer but not in relapsing prostate cancer. PLoS ONE, 8(1):e54096.

Kinseth, M., Jia, Z., Rahmatpanah, F., Sawyers, A., Sutton, M., Wang-Rodriguez, J., Mercola, D., McGuire, K. (2013) Expression differences between African American and Caucasian prostate cancer tissue reveals that stroma is the site of aggressive changes. International Journal of Cancer, (Epub ahead of print).

Chen, Y., Jia, Z., Mercola, D., Xie, X. (2013) A Gradient Boosting Algorithm for Survival Analysis via Direct Optimization of Concordance Index. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, (in press).

Dr. Chand Midha:

“On a Method to Construct Magic Rectangles of Even Order,” with Ashish Das, J. de los Reyes, and P. Vellaisamy, Utilitas Mathematics, 2009.

“Trend Free Block Designs for Diallel Cross Experiments,” with F. S. Chai, Ashish Das, and A. Dey, Statistics and Applications, 2009, Vol. 4, pp. 75-82.

“On a Method to Construct Magic Rectangles of Odd Order,” with Ashish Das, J. de los Reyes, and L.Y. Chan, Statistics and Applications, 2008, Vol. 6, pp. 17-24 (New Series).

Dr. Nao Mimoto:

"A goodness-of-fit test for marginal density of long memory moving average process," with Koul, H. L., and Surgailis, D. Metrika, 2012, (To Appear).

"A goodness-of- t test for GARCH innovation density," with Koul, H. L. Metrika, 2012, 75, pp. 127-149.

"Czekanowski's index of overlap, its Lp-type extension, and bias reduction," with Zitikis, R. American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences, 2009, 29, pp. 229-261.

"Convergence in distribution for the sup-norm of a Kernel Density Estimator for GARCH innovations," Statistics and Probability Letters, 2008, 78, pp. 915-923.

Dr. Annalisa V. Piccorelli:

“Jointly modeling the relationship between longitudinal and survival data subject to left truncation with applications to cystic fibrosis” with M.D. Schluchter. Statistics in Medicine. 2012.

“A Nomogram to Predict Postoperative Patency After Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal” with W. Hsiao, J.S. Rosoff, M. Kattan, E.A. Greenwood, J. Mulhall, and M. Goldstein. Journal of Urology. 2011. Vol. 187, pp. 607-612.

Dr. Richard Steiner:

"Clinically suspected scaphoid fractures in children," with Evenski, A. J., Adamczyk, M. J., Norberg, A., Norberg, R. P., Morscher, M. A. and P. M. Riley. Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics, 2009, JPO-7889R2 (Accepted for publication).

"Fracture incidence following plate removal in Legg–Calve–Perthes disease: a 32-year study," with Schaaf, A.C., Weiner, D.S., Morscher, M.A. and Dicinto, M.S.  Journal of Children's Orthopaedics, 2008, 2, pp. 381-385.

"Upper extremity stroke therapy task discrimination using motion sensors and electromyography," with Giuffrida, J.P., Lerner, L. and J. Daly.  IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 2008, 16(1), pp. 82-90.

Dr. Jun Ye:

"Madrinan, M. J. M., Al-Hamdan, M., A., Rickman, D. L. and Ye, J., Association between watershed land cover/land use chance (LC/LU) and water turbidity status of Tampa Bay tributaries, Florida, USA, Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 2012, 223, 2093-2109.

"Ye, J., Lazar, N. A. and Li, Y. Sparse geostatistical analysis in clustering fMRI time series, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2011, 199, 336-345.

"Bhan, I., Burnett-Bowie, S. A., Ye, J., Tonelli, M. and Thadhani, R., Clinical measures identify Vitamin D deficiency in dialysis, Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2010, 5, 460-467.

"Davidow, J. H., Bothe, A. K., Andreatta, R. D. and Ye, J., Measurement of phonated intervals during four fluency-inducing conditions, Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, 2009, 52, 188-205.

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Dale S. Borowiak (Emeritus):

“Sensitivity analysis of the t-distribution under truncated normal populations”, with A. Das, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 2008.  Vol. 79, No. 5, pp 723-729.            

“A Markov Chain Approach to Multi-Risk Strata Mortality Modeling”, publication in ARCH, 2007.2. 

Textbook:  "An Introduction to Financial and Actuarial Statistics," 2003, Marcel Dekker, Inc.

Dr. Josefina De Los Reyes (Emeritus):

"A matrix approach to construct magic rectangles of even order," with A.Das and C. K. Midha. Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, 2008.  Volume 40, pp 293-300.     

"On a method to construct magic rectangles of odd order," with C. K. Midha, A.Das and L.Y. Chan. Statist. and Applications, 2008.  Vol. 6, Nos. 1 & 2, pp. 17-24 (New Series).

"On a method to construct magic rectangles of even order," with A. Das, C. K. Midha and P. Vellaisamy. Utilitas Mathematica, 2009.

Dr. David B. Stark (Emeritus):

“Robust Two-Sample statistics for Testing Equality of Means:  A Simulation Study”, with J. F. Reed III.  Journal of Applied Statistics, 2004, Vol. 31, No. 7, pp. 831-854.

“Sensitivity Curves for Asymmetric Trimming Hinge Estimators”, with J. F. Reed III.  Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 2007, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 469-475.