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Connecting the business sector to the resources of The University of Akron. 

About us

UA Business Solutions is a full service consulting firm operating from The University of Akron.  We exist as a liaison between the immense collection of resources within the University, and our region’s corporations of all sizes and industries.

Our value, both to the University and to our clients, is a powerful and customizable solution-based service that identifies development opportunities and produces programs and solutions that can only come from the expertise of The University of Akron.

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About UA Solutions

UA Solutions is a liaison between The University of Akron and surrounding corporations within the Northeast Ohio region. As a connecting partner, the UA Solutions department inventories all available intellectual and physical resources of the University, and offers a performance consulting service to companies in search of training, continuing education, or custom consulting. Our clients turn to us for training solutions and University services that serve to fit strategic business models.  We believe in measurable and obtainable goals, and actively work with our clients, instructors, and the University to produce results.

We connect The University of Akron’s resources to the business sector by offering a variety of services.

  • We offer many noncredit and certification programs, both in person and online.
  • We host an extensive array of online courses for career development and certification, personal enrichment, and professional development recertification.
  • Assistance in planning, delivering on-site training for employees for corporations of any size, industry, or budget.
  • Industry expert teaching professionals that combine the academic rigor and refinement of a college professor, with the real-world experience and relatable instruction from an expert in your field. We believe that receiving the best education starts with the best staff and instructors.
  • Experience with public sector education initiatives and funding sources or solutions.
  • The University of Akron has six locations across the Northeast Ohio region.  We have an unsurpassed regional footprint, making UA Solutions not only a state leader in professional development and continuing education, but also a local resource for many of Ohio’s prominent industries and communities.

Many courses are approved by professional, national and state organizations and license re-certification.  Graduate credit online workshops are available for teachers or working professionals with recertification requirements.

Contact Us

UA Solutions is based out of the main campus in Akron, Ohio.  We are conveniently located at 255 S. Main Street right in the middle of downtown Akron.  You can also find us on your favorite social media channel!  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please drop us a line at, or feel free to call our office at 330-972-7577.  

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