Engineering: Computer Engineering

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering

About the Degree

The Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering is an interdisciplinary doctoral program offered on a collegiate basis. Students in the interdisciplinary doctoral program have access to all the academic resources available in the College of Engineering rather than to just those within a department; however, students must identify a primary discipline upon application to the doctoral program.

Students pursuing the Ph.D. program receive the Interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Degree from the College of Engineering. In the Computer Engineering program, students at UA can specialize in areas such as Digital Systems, Networked Embedded Systems, Image Processing, Advanced Manufacturing and Software systems. Students must complete 96 credits hours of study; in the ECE department, students must complete 48 credits of course work; up to 24 credits may be transferred from an earned M.S. program. Further details of the program are provided in the Graduate Bulletin.

Students are rigorously trained to understand the principles of computing and techniques that are specific to the areas listed above. In addition to the fundamental principles, students learn how these principles and techniques are applied in the general context of engineered systems. Close interaction with our faculty over multiple years and the well-equipped research laboratories provide a good foundation for our students to pursue academic and industry-based careers.

Salary and Career Outlook

Computer Systems are pervasive and are fundamental building blocks in a broad spectrum of engineered systems. In addition to the traditional applications in a variety of industry segments, contemporary systems require a solid understanding of the principles and techniques of computing for careers in areas such as information technology, healthcare and advanced materials.

Salaries depend on the geographic area. Starting salaries in North East Ohio for industry-based positions are between $85,000 to $110,000 per year. Salaries for academic positions are around $75,000 for the academic year.

Why Akron?

When compared with regional public universities and similarly ranked universities across the nation, our students receive more thorough and rigorous training. In the last five years, members of our faculty have been recognized with prestigious, competitive, research awards at the national level from agencies such as the National Science Foundation. Members of our faculty are active researchers in contemporary areas of national importance such as Wellness Management and Advanced Manufacturing. Our Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program that allows our students to participate in cross-disciplinary collaborative research is unique.

Members of our faculty have a good balance of academic and industry-based experience. This balance ensures that our graduates are well-poised to pursue academic and industry-based careers. 100% of the graduates in our programs are placed in careers that are directly related to their areas of focus upon graduation.

Contact Information

            Graduate Coordinator:          Dr. Shivakumar Sastry

                                                            Auburn Science and Engineering Center,

                                                            Room 364


                                                            (330) 972-7646

            Graduate School:                   Heather Blake

                                                            Polsky Building, Room 467


                                                            (330) 972-7664