Research at UA

The University of Akron seeks to increase relevant knowledge for its stakeholders, including students, industries, governments and educational institutions. The University sees its research as a driver for finding meaningful solutions to advance the region.


Working with UA and its Research Foundation

The University of Akron's research services offer support for:

  • Industry:
    • Providing access to research expertise
    • Facilitating testing and research services
    • Licensing UA technology
    • Providing graduate student interns
  • Entrepreneurs and startups:
    • Conducting customer discovery and market research
    • Mentorship by experienced UARF Senior Fellows
    • Providing paths to funding
    • Adding student interns to supplement your team
  • Faculty:
    • Supporting grant applications
    • Helping with technology commercialization
    • Partnering to reach out to customers and learn about markets
    • Patenting and licensing new technologies
  • Students:
    • Providing internships and unique opportunities
    • Forming teams to learn what its like to launch a product through I-Corps Sites
    • Making investment recommendations on real companies through NEOSVF
    • Supporting area businesses through internship partnerships

Research News

‘Team Audrey’ helps young dancer make all the right moves

Five members of a biomedical engineering student team are being honored for a prosthesis they designed to help a 5-year-old dance and play.
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UA and Airborne Project on pathway to FAA certification

Cold spray technology will be first in the country used for structural repair of commercial aircraft parts.
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Tarantulas inspire new structural color with the greatest viewing angle

This finding opens new potential to mass produce structural colors because highly ordered designs are easy to scale-up and manufacture.
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Commercialization is within reach for UA team's dry adhesive products

UA startup partners with Velcro Companies on innovative dry adhesive technology.
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