Counseling: Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling, M.A.

Master of Arts/Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling

About the Degree

The Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling (MFT/C) dually accredited program focuses on a core curriculum designed to train students to sit for and pursue licensure as both an Independent Marriage and Family Therapist (IMFT) and a Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC), and be able to independently diagnose and treat mental health and substance abuse problems. Marriage and family therapy/counseling is one of the core mental health disciplines and is based on research and theory that mental health and family problems are best treated from a relationship perspective that incorporates family systems. The training of marriage and family therapists/counselors prepares them to work with individuals, couples and families as well as conducting groups in a variety of mental health settings, with an understanding and respect for diversity and non-discrimination being practiced and valued.

Students will study various schools of family therapy and counseling, focusing on evidence-based practice, the AAMFT and ACA Codes of Ethics and ethical decision making, assessment, diagnosing and treatment of mental health and substance abuse problems as well relational issues. Focus is also given to individual and family development, clinical skill development, and group counseling as well as clinical training in our in-house fully functioning high-tech counseling center, providing cutting-edge clinical training opportunities and internship (external clinical experience) with one of our community agencies.

Salary and Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010) projects “much faster than average job growth” through 2020

  • In the marriage and family therapy profession 41%
  • in the mental health counseling profession 37%
  • versus 14% for all jobs

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014) the professional average for marriage and family therapists/counselors (fully licensed) is $51,730.

Why Akron?

  • This is the only master’s program in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling (dually accredited) in Ohio.
  • This program is one of two in the nation that is dually accredited and therefore provides dual licensure opportunities for graduates, which is desirable when seeking a mental health position at an agency, but also when billing and working with insurance panels.
  • Marriage and Family Therapy is a relatively new profession in Ohio, therefore there is a shortage of marriage and family therapists in the state, creating many employment opportunities.
  • Our high-tech in-house clinical training facility provides a strong clinical foundation for students and makes them very desirable to internship sites, often leading to employment after graduation
  • Electives in specialty areas such as play therapy, traumatology, etc.
  • Faculty that is actively engaged in research and teach from a research-oriented knowledge base focused on emerging trends, providing a cutting edge education, and clinical skill level that encourages students to function as well prepared practitioners. Part-time clinical faculty that are clinically active provide “real world” clinical expertise.
  • Delta Kappa Lambda (MFT) and Chi Sigma (Counseling) are two active international/national student organizations that engage students in mentorship, community engagement, and professional development
  • High licensure passing rates of the NCE and MFT exams.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Heather Katafiasz

Chima Family Building, Room 116

(330) 972-5515

Graduate School:

Heather Blake

Polsky Building, Room 467          

(330) 972-7664