Education: Classroom Guidance for Teachers, M.A. or M.S.

Master of Arts/Master of Science in Classroom Guidance for Teachers

About the Degree

The master's program in Classroom Guidance for Teachers is designed to enhance teachers' skills in basic counseling, prepare teachers to become student advocates, and enhance working relationships with school counselors. However, this degree does not meet state licensure requirements for school counseling in the State of Ohio, and does not lead to school counseling licensure. 

Teachers take courses such as multicultural counseling, counseling adolescents, counseling youth at risk, elementary and secondary counseling and host of additional courses to develop their counseling skills.

Salary and Career Outlook

Teachers are on a pay scale outlined by school districts. Teachers who receive a master's degree often move up the pay scale.

Why Akron?

The distinctive advantage of a master’s degree in classroom guidance is the ability to further an educator’s training and skills. Educators cover a wide range of topics that school aged children will present. The topics include but are not limited to substance abuse, cutting, death and dying, violence and adolescent suicide. Educators are given a host of community resources that are able to support them in their work.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator:            Dr. Delila Owens

                                               Chima Family Buildiing, Room 110


                                               (330) 972-6375

 Graduate School:                   Heather Blake

                                                Polsky Building, Room 467


                                                (330) 972-7664