Associate of Arts

Arts Fundamentals

The Associate of Arts degree, as well as the Associate of Science degree, teaches students to think critically and creatively about their perceptions of ideas, events and people. These degrees are for traditional or nontraditional students who are undecided about an academic or career path, or who have accumulated significant college credits without having identified a particular program or degree. These degrees are designed to position the student for successful employment, career advancement or more focused study at the baccalaureate level.

  • Core curriculum includes English, history, science, mathematics and social studies, and learning fundamental skills in research, composition and reading comprehension
  • Students learn how to:
    • listen carefully
      • analyze information
      • formulate solutions
      • communicate in a clear, concise and authentic manner
    • Programs can be used as the basis to continue your education and obtain a bachelor’s degree

    Our Faculty

    • are innovative and interactive
    • use multimedia technology to enhance classroom learning

    Akron Advantage

    Real-world Experience

    Gain practical professional experience through UA's optional cooperative education program or an internship. Participation gives you firsthand, on-the-job training in the field of your choice. Through co-op, you’ll alternate semesters of work and school while earning a competitive salary.   

    Sample Curriculum

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