Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine (B.S./M.D.)

Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine (B.S./M.D.) Fundamentals

The University of Akron has teamed with Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) to offer this accelerated program, which enables you to earn a bachelor of science at The University of Akron and a doctor of medicine at NEOMED in six or seven years.

This program consists of two phases:

  • Phase I - comprehensive undergraduate curriculum covering humanities, social studies and all basic premedical sciences.
  • Phase II - medical school at NEOMED in Rootstown
  • Certificate in Gerontology also available

Each year, the University admits 35 students into its highly selective B.S./M.D degree option. Only students with no college credit after graduation from high school are eligible. However, students with college credit taken as high school students are eligible to apply through the program’s special application procedure.

Professional Preparation

The B.S./M.D. program trains you in the practice of medicine at the community level with a particular emphasis  given to primary care and family medicine. You may choose to continue in more specialized areas within the medical profession.

Integrated Approach 

In years four, five and six of the program, you will receive instruction and practical experience in such areas as internal medicine, surgery, pathology, pediatrics and obstetrics/gynecology at one or more of NEOMED's partner hospitals.

Our Faculty 

  • are innovative and interactive
  • win teaching awards
  • use multimedia technology to enhance classroom learning

Akron Advantage

Hands-on Research

The UA campus offers an array of research experiences. 

  • newly constructed, live-animal facility
  • molecular biology center, including an automated DNA sequencer
  • computer laboratory

Real-world Experience

At NEOMED, students receive instruction and practical experience in such areas as internal medicine, surgery, pathology, pediatrics and obstetrics/gynecology.

B.S./M.D. Student Organizations 

Interact with other B.S./M.D. students and medical professionals through organizations such as: 

  • UA - Biology Club
  • NEOMED offers a variety of student organizations, many geared to specific specialties

Sample Curriculum

Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine Degree

For complete information about the restrictions and requirements to apply to this specialized accelerated program, please visit Natural Sciences (B.S./M.D.).

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