Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts Fundamentals

  • Program combines traditional academics with performance opportunities and technical training
  • Classroom and laboratory experiences prepare you in the practical, historical and critical aspects of the theatre
  • Curriculum is enhanced by master classes, seminars and special topic courses with guest artists from
    around the world

    Our Faculty Members

    • have extensive performance backgrounds
    • are innovative and interactive
    • use multimedia technology to enhance classroom learning

    Akron Advantage

    Hands-on Experience

    Theatre Arts majors are required to audition for all main stage productions and to accept any roles or production assignments. Productions are held in:

    • Sandefur Theatre
    • Varian Studio
    • Daum Theatre

    The School of Dance, Theatre and Arts Administration has a scene shop, and a costume and makeup studio.

    Theatre Arts Student Organizations

    Interact with other theatre arts students and professionals in the field through organizations such as: 

    • Theatre Guild

    Sample Curriculum

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