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Types of holds:

  • Adviser hold. This is a hold that has been placed on your account so that you see an adviser before you can enroll  for your next semester.
  • Transfer to Degree Granting College. This hold is placed on your account when you surpass 48 credits with having process your Intercollege Transfer (ICT) into your degree granting college. For example, if you are a Psychology major and have not transferred into the College of Arts & Sciences.
  • General Education hold. This hold is placed on your account when the student has surpassed 48 credits  but has not completed the English, Math and Speech requirements for General Education
  • Non-payment of funds. This hold is placed on your account for payment owed. This hold can only be removed by student accounts. Contact them at 330-972-5100.
  • Learning Community. All students who are part of an educational Learning Community will have a hold on your account. The research done on our students who opt to participate in the learning communities requires exact enrollment in the learning Community courses. The hold protects the research by not allowing the participants to change their classes. Please see an adviser for help with registration.
  • Military Service. Our military Service center may have a hold on your account. If so please call 330-972-7838.
  • Post-Secondary. All high school students taking classes at or through The University of Akron will have a hold on their account and will need to see an adviser for any issues they might encounter.
  • Missing Credentials. This is a hold placed on a student’s account because admissions is missing some important information such as a final high school transcript
  • Transcripts. Transfer students or students who have taken classes from another institution have one semester to get final transcripts sent to us. Otherwise they are prevented from enrolling in further semesters.
  • Parking Services. This hold is placed on a student’s account for overdue parking tickets or other parking infractions.
  • Library hold. This hold is placed on a student’s account for overdue book returns or other library infractions.
  • Student Judicial Affairs. This hold is placed on a student’s account by the office of Student Judicial Affairs. You need to contact them at 330-972-6380.


Service Indicator:

  • Standards of Progress. This is a service indicator that indicates that you may need to discuss your eligibility for Financial Aid with a Financial Aid adviser

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