Moldex EDesign Certification Class

Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: Akron Polymer Training Center, Akron, OH 44325-5404
Cost: $1200.00 USD
CEU's: 1.5
Instructor: Moldex Representative

Course Overview

This 2-day course will teach you how to utilize the Moldex 3D software.

Moldex3D eDesign offers designers an easy-to-use package to validate their designs behind the desk. The interactive interface that facilitates the part and mold creation and provides auto meshing enables users to work in CAD with no need for advanced CAD knowledge. The accurate 3D model allows you to gain product insights, visualize flow and thermal properties, and optimize processes before physical parts are built. Moldex3D eDesign helps companies to design products with quality, reduce development costs, and shorten time to market.

Course Outline

Day 1
The first day’s morning session will provide some basic information into the injection molding process and mold design, as well as an introduction to Moldex3D eDesign. Trainees will be shown the step by step process for model setup and meshing. Trainees will then be given time to get hands on practice with the software. Before leaving for lunch, trainees will begin a simulation that will be completed before returning from lunch. Upon returning, projects will have been completed and interpretations and explanations of the simulation results will follow. Highlighted key results of the data will examine the fill, pack cool and warp cycles. Once the results have been analyzed there will be discussion on how to use
information gathered to improve the mold design. Before the end of the day, participants will be able to set up a project on the part that he or she brought. Simulations will run overnight and be ready for analysis the following morning.

The second day’s morning session will start with a results review and discussion covering the project that was run the night before on the participant’s part. Because the results will be different, a Moldex3D team member will personally cover the results individually. Trainees will be able to ask questions and gain insight into how to properly analyze and interpret results and understand how to apply these insights into normal operations. The afternoon session will consist of the Moldex3D eDesign certification examination. There are two parts to the examination. The first part is an in class written examination.  Trainees will need to score higher than 70%, answering at least 28 out of 40 questions correctly. The
second part is a hands-on eDesign skill test. Trainees will need to run a comparative study based on designated analysis objectives.

Course Registration

General Course Registration:
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Registration Information:
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Course fee includes classroom instruction, instructional materials, parking permits, continental breakfast, lunch, beverages, and refreshment breaks. Travel and hotel accommodations are not included.


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