Rubber Mixing in the Real World

Returning spring 2015!
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Akron Polymer Training Center, Akron, OH 44325-5404
Cost: $600 USD
CEU's: .75
Instructor: Roger Morphew

Course Overview

This one day course will cover the complete process of mixing rubber from receipt of the components to the mixed rubber compound ready to use.  Included is a good description of the process at an easy to understand level, as well as much discussion on common mistakes and process disruptions.  Best and worst practices will be discussed in detail.  The information gained in this one day should prove valuable as a supplier evaluation tool for anyone who is responsible for purchasing rubber or rubber parts.  Also the course should prove very useful to technical people and production operators in companies who mix rubber.

Course Outline

A. Receiving, Handling and Storage

1. Small chemicals

a. Shelf life

b. Hygroscopic materials

2. Carbon Black and Other Fillers

3. Oils

4. Polymers

a. Natural rubber

b. Synthetic rubber

B. Small Chemical Weighing

1. Scales

2. Software

3. Mistake-proof systems

4. Bar coding

5. Packaging and labeling for transport to mixer

6. Manual vs. semi-automated vs. fully automated

C. Mixer

1. Technology

2. Software

3. Rotor types

4. Ingredient addition

a. Polymers

b. Fillers

c. Oils

d. Small chemicals

D. Mill

1. Safety

a. Emergency shutoff

b. Rescue kit

2. Technology

a. Roller cooling

b. Rheometer at the mill

c. Temperature monitoring

3. Operation

4. Blending

5. Batch off and cooling

a. Anti-stick

b. Marking wheel

6. Rubber Prep

a. Sheets

b. Slugs

c. Strips

E. Testing

1. Lab necessities for custom mixers

2. Lab necessities for non-custom mixers

F. Rubber Storage

1. Temperature monitoring

G. Shipping

1. Temperature controls

2. Temperature monitoring

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