Plastic Material Selection and Testing - 3 Day Course

Course Number: AP3235

Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Akron Polymer Training Center, Akron, OH 44325-5404
Cost: $1,800 USD
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CEU's: 2.25
Instructor: Michael Sepe

Course Overview

This course defines the fundamentals that determine plastic properties; short-term and long-term property evaluations, property modifications, establishing the cost/performance profile and selecting a material supplier.

Course Outline

  1. Defining the fundamentals that determine plastic properties
    • Molecular weight - the foundation of polymer technology  
      • The relationship to viscosity 
      • The relationship to properties 
      • Methods of measurement 
      • New technologies that change the rules  
    • Methods of polymerization - addition and condensation polymers 
      • Effect on properties 
      • Effect on processing  
    • Polarity - Why nylon absorbs water but not gasoline 
    • Amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers - the one thing you must know about polymer structure  
      • Detecting the presence of crystalline structure  
      • Effects on processing  
      • Effects on properties  
      • The role of polymer blend  
  2. Property Evaluations - Short-term
    • Tensile, flexural, and compressive properties  
    • Impact properties - various methods of measurement  
    • Thermal properties  
    • Other properties - chemical resistance, optical, radiation resistance 
    • Why the data sheet properties do not work for material selection  
    • The behavior behind the numbers  
    • The role of material property databases and selection utilities  
  3. Property Evaluations - Long-term
    • Effects of temperature  
      • Reduction in strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures 
      • Dimensional stability 
      • Structural changes due to thermal aging 
      • Thermal degradation and oxidation  
      • Loss of ductility at reduced temperatures
    • Chemical resistance - effects of temperature and time
    • Creep resistance, stress relaxation, and fatigue 
      • Defining the mechanisms 
      • Data presentation
      • Accelerated testing methods - advantages and pitfalls
    • The fundamental equivalence of temperature and time
    • Environmental stress crack resistance - the differences from chemical attack
    • Radiation resistance - weathering, ultraviolet, sterilization  
  4. Property Modifications   
    • Fillers and reinforcements  
      • Glass fibers - the long and the short of it
      • Minerals - talc, mica, calcium carbonate and the new nanocomposites  
      • High performance fibers
      • What gets used where and why
    • Impact modifiers
    • Colorants
    • Stabilizers - importance to processing and part performance
  5. Establishing the Cost/Performance Profile    
    • Defining application requirements
    • Matching requirements to a cost-effective material family
    • Design properties versus inherent properties
    • Designing for manufacturing - wall thickness, viscosity & process selection
    • The role of simulation
  6. Selecting a Material Supplier
    • Sampling versus sustained performance
    • Quality systems and audits
    • Technical support
    • Majors versus independent compounders
    • The role of distribution
  7. Case Studies - Successes and Failures

Course Registration

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