Rubber/Elastomer Technology and Applications for the Tire Industry - 2 Day Course

To be scheduled
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Akron Polymer Training Center, Akron, OH 44325-5404, U.S.A.
Cost: $900 USD
CEU's: 1.5
Instructor: Dr. Roop Bhakuni

Course Overview

This course is designed for chemists and engineers working in the rubber/polymer industry related to materials, design, manufacturing, and sales/technical service for products such as tires, engineered rubber products, etc.  Participants will gain a basic understanding of key interactive variables involving design, materials, equipment, and process parameters for major rubber products used in global markets.

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1. Elastomers - Natural and Synthetic - NR, SBR, BR, IIR, EPDM, NBR and CR

  • Structure - property relationship, Mw, MWD, Tg, operating temperature range
  • Affected by chemical composition (monomers), chain structure, and morphology
  • Key predictive static/dynamic physical/mechanical properties

2. Product service requirements dictating the selection of base polymer(s) and compounding materials - carbon black, silica, cure systems, process aids, antidegradants for required components.

3. Processing and control systems for mixing, calendaring, extruding, shaping, and curing emphasizing green strength, tack, bloom, scorch, interfacial adhesion/cure rates, and compatible compound rheological properties with shear rates availabe from equipment/machinery employed.

4.  Integration and optimization of design, materials, processing, and applicable test essential for consistent defect free product that will meet various regulatory standards and service performance requirements.