Elastomer Molding Technology - 2 Day Course

Course Number: AP3243
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Akron Polymer Training Center, Akron, OH 44325-5404, U.S.A.
Cost: $900 USD
CEU's: 0.75
Instructor: Mr. Terry Chapin

Course Overview

This seminar describes and compares important molding methods (compression, transfer, and injection) for thermosetting elastomers (TSEs) with methods (injection and blow) for thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs). There will be a limited description of mold design for TSEs.

This introductory course will benefit people involved in molding of elastomers, especially those transitioning from molding of one type of elastomer to another. Attendees with primarily a materials-related background will improve their understanding of molding processes and the effect of mold design on molded products. Process and design managers will better understand the effect and importance of these factors on the overall molding operation.

In addition, the course considers elastomer selection, varied deflashing techniques, elastomer processing factors, elastomer part tolerancing, molded article dimensional variations and design for manufacturability (DFM).  DFM difficulties and examples are described.  Also included is a discussion of the "Beaumont Melt Flipper", correcting mold problems, importance of mold vents and gates, vacuum molding, as well as trouble shooting the molding process.

Attendees will improve their understanding of molding behavior of TSEs and thus improve and better control their elastomer molding operations. The interdisciplinary approach used will assist them in understanding molding as an integrated operation consisting of materials, processes and design. Participants are encouraged to discuss current molding problems for class input.

Information from the books, Elastomer Molding Technology and Rubber Molding Principles, will be used in conjunction with the seminar.


Course Outline