Basic Rubber Technology for Non-Tire Applications

Course Number: AP3207
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Akron Polymer Training Center, Akron, OH 44325-5404
Cost: $1800 USD
CEU's: 2.25
Instructor: Mr. Roger Morphew

Course Overview

This three day class will deliver a comprehensive general overview of the materials, manufacturing processes and applications of rubber products at a basic and easy to understand level. Although the major concentration is on truck and auto industry parts, other applications are touched on as well.  The intent is to instill a familiarization of the many facets of the rubber industry, as well as resources which the attendee can use to perform research and investigation on their own. This class will include a visit to the Akron Rubber Development Lab.

Course Outline

I. History

A. Early Discoveries

B. Major Breakthroughs

C. People

II. Definitions

III. Rubber Applications

IV. Basic Chemistry

V. Basic Physics

VI. Types of Rubber

A. General Purpose

B. Heat Resistant

C. Oil Resistant

VII. Various Industry Specifications



C. Others

D. Custom Specifications

VIII. Rubber Components

A. Polymers

B. Reinforcements

C. Plasticizers

D. Antidegradants

E. Curatives

F. Miscellaneous

IX. Carbon Black

A. Description

B. Manufacturing

C. Handling

X. Developing the Recipe

A. End Product Parameters

B. Mixing and Processing Considerations

C. Cost Considerations

D. Calculating Specific Gravity

XI. Material Preparation

A. Small Chemical Weighing

B. Major Ingredients Weighing

XII. Mixing

A. Open Mill

B. Mixer

C. Ingredient Addition

D. Batch Off

E. Cooling

F. Storage and Handling

XIII. Vulcanization

A. Curing

B. State of Cure

C. Post Curing

XIV. Simple Molding

A. Injection

1. Hot Runner

2. Cold Runner

B. Compression

C. Transfer

XV. Molding Involving Bonding

A. Van Der Waals Forces

B. Mechanical Forces

C. Chemical Bonding

D. Insert Preparation

E. Insert Handling

XVI. Underbond Corrosion in Rubber-to-Metal Parts

A. Description

B. Consequences

C. Causes

D. Prevention

XVII. Molds

A. Maintenance

B. Cleaning

C. Storage

XVIII. Extrusion

A. Seals

B. Metal Carrier

C. Reinforced Bulk Length Hoses

D. Shaped Hoses

E. Sponge vs. Dense

F. Curing Types

1. Salt

2. Glass Bead

3. Microwave

4. Hot Air

5. Formed/Autoclaved

G. Die Making

H. Die Maintenance

I. 10x Inspection

J. Sponge Seal Crush Test

K. Insertion/Extraction Test

IXX. Hand Lay-Up

A. Shaped Hoses

B. Tank Linings

C. Slurry Pump Linings

D. Other Applications

XX. Calandering

A. Controlled Thickness Sheet

B. Rubber to Fabric

XXI. Air Spring Building

A. Bellows

B. Piston

C. Crimp Plate

D. Bumper

XXII. Lamination

A. Foam

B. Dense

C. Adhesive Film

D. Electronic Applications

XXIII. Die Cut

A. Steel Rule Dies

B. Kiss-Cutting

XXIV. Other Flat Material Cutting Methods

A. Water Jet

B. Laser

C. Automated High Speed Cutting Systems

XXV. Marking Methods

A. Molded Markings

B. Ink Jet

C. Ink Stamped

D. Laser Etched

E. Lay Line

F. Labels

XXVI. Lab Equipment and Testing

A. Covers all of the Most Common Testing Machines and Methods

B. In-depth Discussion

C. Textbook Instruction

D. Hands-on Instruction

E. Testing on Green Rubber

F. Testing on Vulcanized Lab Buttons and Sheets

G. Testing on Finished Parts

XXVII. Safety Considerations

A. For each Manufacturing Method Discussed

B. In the Lab

C. General on the Shop Floor

XXVIII. Recommended Reading and References 





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