Chemistry Facilities

Labs are well supplied with state-of-the-art equipment needed to carry out contemporary research projects successfully and conveniently.  Major instrumentation for research includes 7 NMR spectrometers and one EPR spectrometers, 4 mass spectrometers, 11 lasers, and 1 CCD X-ray diffractometer, as well as a large number of additional pieces of equipment. 

MR CenterMagnetic Resonance Center


MS CenterMass Spectrometry Center

XR Center X-Ray Facility

Center for Laser & Optical Spectroscopy

Research is further supported by such specialized equipment as a Nicolet Nexus-870 FTIR system with capabilities to acquire time-resolved and 2-D data sets, vibrational circular dichroism and plasmon resonance spectrometry.  Chromatographic equipment includes both GC and and ion-trap detector GC/MS system with autosampler and high-performance HPCL systems with UV/Vis, rapid-scanning UV/Vis, and refractive index detection capabilities for analytical and preparative scale separations.  The department also has a differential thermal analyzer, an electrochemical analyzer, photochemical and flow-photolysis reactors and an atomic absorption spectrometer.

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