The Department of Computer Science the University of Akron offers Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science. The University of Akron attracts many non-traditional students who may be unable to attend classes during the day. Our department offers classes at times that accommodate these students as well as traditional full-time students.

Our department is located on the second floor of the College of Arts and Sciences Building (CAS). Section 2 of the campus map has our building labeled with a 10. The Admissions Office has provided online campus maps of the University. Computer labs, reserved for the use of students taking courses from our department, are located on the second floor of CAS. Additional public labs are scattered across campus.

Contacting us

Department of Computer Science
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-4003
Department Office: (330) 972-8805
Department Fax: (330) 374-8630