Amanda Weinstein

Amanda Weinstein

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Economics
Office: CAS 450
Phone: 330-972-7975
Fax: 330-972-5356

Research Accomplishments

Fields: Urban and Regional Economics, Applied Econometrics, Environmental and Energy Economics, Labor Economics, Microeconomics.


"Rising Inequality in an Era of Austerity:  The Case of the U.S.A." with Mark Partridge.  Forthcoming in European Planning Studies, 2013.

Working Papers

"Local Labor Market Restructuring in Shale Gas Booms" with Mark Partridge uses county level EMSI data to measure changes in local labor markets during a natural resource boom.

"The Role of Women in Urban Development" measures the impact of women on MSA wage growth.

"Recession Skills" combines CPS employment data with the Dictionary of Occupational Titles to discover what skills or skill sets are most valuable during a recession and whether it is better to specialize or diversify labor skills.

"Women with Small Businesses" with Carlianne Patrick and Heather Stephens incorporates geographic data on gender role attitudes from the General Social Survey with geocoded NLSY data to determine the impact of culture on women entrepreneurs.

"Military Service and lntergenerational Mobility" estimates the value of military service in terms of its impact on intergenerational mobility using PSID data.

Policy Papers

 Making Shale Development Work for Ohio" with Michael Farren and Mark Partridge (June, 2012).

"Linking Renewable Energy to Rural Development: United States Case Studies for Iowa, Tennessee, Maine and Vermont" produced for the OECD Regional Policy Division (June, 2012).

"The Economic Value of Shale Natural Gas in Ohio" with Mark Partridge (December, 2011).

"How Can Struggling Communities Make a Comeback?" with Mark Partridge (June, 2011).

"Making Green Jobs Work for Ohio" with Mark Partridge (December, 2010)

"Green Policies, Climate Change, and New Jobs: Separating Fact from Fiction" with Mark Partridge and J. Clay Francis. (June, 2010)


Ph.D., Ohio State University, 2013