Requirements for the B.A. Degree Major in  English


The Department of English urges all English majors to meet with the English Department Advisor at least once a year to discuss their progress toward the degree.


Complete General Education requirements.


  • You must complete at least three credits of mathematics or statistics (excluding 3450:100 Intermediate Algebra) earned in the Department of Theoretical & Applied Mathematics or the Department of Statistics.
  • You must complete a minimum of 128 credits.
  • You must complete a minimum of 47 semester credits of 300-400 level courses, exclusive of General Education courses and workshops.
  • You must complete the second year of a foreign language.
  • You must complete the requirements for the English major. These are 
    • (a) You must earn a minimum 2.20 GPA in all University of Akron coursework 
    • (b) 36 credits in English, including 
    • (c) each of the following courses, in which you must earn a C- or higher.
      • 3300:300     Critical Reading and Writing
      • 3300:301     English Literature 1
      • 3300:315     Shakespeare: Early Plays OR 3300:316 Shakespeare: Mature Plays
      • 3300:341     American Literature 1
      • 3300:371     Introduction to Linguistics OR 3300:400 Anglo-Saxon OR 3300:470 History of the English Language
      • 3300:492    Senior Seminar (not any senior seminar; only 3300:492, our capstone course)
    • (d) And you must complete at least three additional courses at the 400-level. (Workshops cannot be used for this requirement.)
    • (e) And you must complete enough additional electives to have at least 36 credits in English. 
      • *NOTE:  Courses 3300:111, 3300:112, 3300:250, 3300:252, and 3300:281 DO NOT count toward the English major or minor degree requirements.
    • (f) And you must satisfy the following distribution requirements. Your coursework in English must include:
      • One course in world or multicultural literature outside the canon of British and American writers, 
      • one course in British literature after 1800,
      • one course in American literature after 1865,
      • one literature course in poetry,
      • one literature course in fiction.
        • Note that one course can fulfill multiple distribution requirements.
    • (g) Finally, you must earn a minimum 2.20 gpa in all coursework in English at the University of Akron, including transfer work.

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Bachelor of Arts in English

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