Dr. Heather Braun

Dr. Heather Braun

Title: Assistant Professor, Honors Advisor
Dept/Program: English
Phone: 330-972-6243
Email: hbraun@uakron.edu


Heather Braun received her Ph.D. in English from Boston College.  Her primary research interests include Victorian literature, British Romanticism, women writers, the Gothic, Digital Humanities, and Adolescent Literature. 


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  • “‘Calling Out from Below’: Decadence and Sensual Exhaustion in Oscar Wilde’s Salomé.” Melmoth: A Digest of the Victorian Gothic and Decadent Literature. Ed. Sondeep Kandola. University of Leeds. No. 2: November 2008. 25-26. 
  • “‘Set the Crystal Surface Free!’: Mary E. Coleridge and the Self-Conscious Femme Fatale.” Women’s Writing 13.4 (Winter 2007): 496-507. 
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Ph.D., Boston College