Dr. L. Lynn Chyi

Dr. L. Lynn Chyi

Title: Professor
Department: Geosciences
Office: CRH 218
Phone: 330 972 7635
Fax: 330 972 7611
Email: lchyi@uakron.edu
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Research Accomplishments

Dr. Chyi's research focuses on the theory and application of geochemistry. His major research areas include Platinum Group Elements (PGE) geochemistry, trace element stratigraphy, maturation of sediments, coal geology, emanation and migration of radon, and evolution of groundwater under human influence, tire leachate, and highway aggregate.

His research in PGE geochemistry emphasizes the origin of PGE and the concentration processes. Trace elements are used as tools in fingerprinting sedimentary formations. The most recent effort is characterizing coal beds with Al-Sc-La geochemical coherent triad. Vitrinite reflectance is used in evaluating the maturation of hydrocarbons and basin analysis. The role of migration of heated groundwater in modifying the maturation pattern is being studied at the present time. His research in coal geology emphasizes the characteristics of low-sulfur coal both in the depositional environment and subsequent evolution. Radon emanation is being studied under field conditions for earthquake prediction. Under human impact, both physical and chemical properties of groundwater will change. These changes plus changes in flow pattern are being modeled with the computer. This modeling study is also expected to benefit the study in the maturation of sediments. His interest also include tire leachate and highway aggregates.



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Published Abstracts and other works

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Ph.D., 1972, McMaster University


  • Physical Geology (3370:101)
  • Medical Geology (3370:129)
  • Engineering Geology (3370:301)
  • Field Studies: China (3370:495/695)
  • Coal Geology (3370:536)
  • Economic Geology (3370:437/537)
  • Nuclear Geology (3370:639)