Mentor and Student Awards

The purpose of the UA Student Innovation Symposium (UASIS) is to exhibit outstanding undergraduate and graduate research and promote student participation in scholarly activities. The symposium has been designed to showcase partnerships between students and faculty mentors. One manner in which we recognize effective partnerships is by extending both students and mentors the opportunity to nominate one another for the Outstanding Student Research Award and the Faculty Mentor of the Year Award.

Mentoring can be defined as: A significant, long-term, beneficial effect on the academic and professional growth of another person, generally as a result of personal one-on-one contact. A mentor is one who offers knowledge, insight, perspective, or wisdom that is especially useful to the other person.

Students: If you feel your mentor has exhibited these characteristics then you may reward your mentor by nominating him/her for the Faculty Mentor of the Year Award now! (Please click here for more information)

The Outstanding Student Research Award is given to an individual whose research endeavor is judged to be an outstanding contribution to his or her field of study. A strong letter of support from the research advisor is necessary for consideration.

Mentors: If your student has completed work of such quality while under your supervision, you may reward you student by nominating them for the UASIS Outstanding Student Research Award now! (Please click here for more information)

 All nomination deadlines are Friday, March 6, 2015.

Outstanding Student Research Award Recipients

Congratulations 11th Annual UASIS
Outstanding Student Research Award Recipients!

(top left to right)

Sarah Snyder - Biomedical Engineering (Undergraduate)

Spencer York - Biomedical Engineering

David Bernabei II - Communication (Undergraduate)

Hadi Ramezani-Dakhel - Polymer Engineering (Graduate)