Peer Mentoring Program

The Honors Peer/Mentoring Program

New Students:
Peer mentors for incoming first-year Honors students.

Are you an incoming student to the Honors Program this fall? You should know that a current honors student will contact you at your UA campus e-mail address sometime during the summer to talk with you about any questions you may have about coming to UA in the fall. If you use a different e-mail address, configure your UA account to transfer to your other address.

This program will match you with a student who is in your major. The purpose is to provide you with ideas, answers, and support as you begin the Honors Program. Your mentor will contact you prior to the semester and will, hopefully, be able to meet you in person at the Honors portion of the Traditions 2012 luncheon.

Continuing Students:
Be an Honors mentor to an incoming freshman honors student

Plans are now being made to welcome this fall's incoming freshman class. Please sign up to be a mentor for new Honors Students! We would like to match each Honors volunteer mentor with a few of the new students in order to develop a peer-mentor relationship before their arrival on campus. Duties for the mentor would be simply to e-mail the new students during the summer to answer any questions they might have, and to contact them again once or twice after the semester has begun. It would be most helpful to match students according to major; so this would be our goal. Our plans include providing each new student with a mentor. In fact, the program has been described to them in their acceptance letter.

The matching process can begin immediately. Being a mentor would not involve a large time commitment, so please consider helping a new student!

If you would like to be a mentor for a new Honors student, please contact Dr. Spiker (ext. 8679) or Please let her know of your interest, your major, and e-mail address. Please identify yourself as a continuing student.

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