Student Groups

Student Groups

Honors College student groups include:

Honors Club

Honors Club 1

 The purpose of The Honors Club is to provide opportunities to form friendships, encourage a forum for group discussion of ideas and opinions, and discuss opportunities to serve both campus and community.

 Honors Club 2

 The Honors Club has regular activities every semester such as Akron Aeros game days, cookouts at local parks, participation in all-campus activities and much more. There are great opportunities to get involved, meet new people, see the area, or to take an active role and lead in the Honors Club.

 Officers for 2013-2014:
PresidentA.J. Marino
Social Vice President-- Savannah Snyder
Service Vice President-- Janean Kazimir
Secretary-- Treasurer-- Iris Javersak
Historian--Lex Reis

 Honors Delegates

 As official representatives of the Honors College, Honors Delegates interact with visiting students and their parents, as well as visiting dignitaries, who have included government officials, authors and journalists. If you are an Honors College student and want to join the Delegates, contact president Dan Morris at

Honors Delegates officers for 2013-2014
President --   Sarah Snyder
Vice President –  Mackenzie Kaser
Secretary/Treasurer –  Derek Daily
Peer Mentor Coordinator – Erin Gerber
Resource Coordinator – 

Honors Business Group (HBG)

 Any Honors student interested in business activities is welcome to join the Honors Business Group (HBG).  Meetings are generally held every other week in the Honors Common Room and include pizza. Faculty from the College of Business Administration speak, alumni from UA tell about their real-life experiences or business leaders from the community tell about their strategies. 

Honors Business Group officers for 2013-2014
Co-President – Kristyn Gawdyda
Co-PresidentAshley Miesle
Vice President of Financial Planning – Kyle Moncol
Vice President of Marketing- Jordan Pana
Vice President of Operations - Rebecca Smith

Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the Honors Common Room.   Meetings will be held every other week after that date.

Honors Chess Club

For all Honors College students interested in playing and improving their game of chess.

Honors Relay Teams for the Akron Roadrunner Marathon

 Continuing the tradition of past years, five-person teams from the Honors College are invited to register for the marathon.   The Honors College and alumni sponsor Roger Read help to support five-person teams and two-person teams for the Akron Marathon.  The marathon route goes right through campus- right down Buchtel mall.  All Honors College students are encouraged to support these teams during the marathon.


Students Without Borders

Students Without Borders welcomes all students interested in learning more about study abroad experiences. Through interaction with other Honors students. SWB provides its members with a plethora of information regarding study abroad financing, scholarships, cultural nuances, what to expect while abroad, and other tips, tricks, and strategies to use to make the most out of a study abroad experience. Most of its members are well versed in international travel and love to share their knowledge and experiences. Become a member today!

EUREKA-Association for Honors Engineers

EUREKA encourages students interested in engineering to join. EUREKA hosts alumni, faculty, and industrial speakers in the Honors Common Room. For more information visit the EUREKA webpage.

EUREKA-- officers for 2013-2014
Co-presidents: Alexis Ostrander and Melissa Paydo
Treasurer: Max Duckworth
Secretary: David Royak
Social Chair: Maggie Knisley
Electrical/Computer Engineering Chair: Deboshri Sadhukhan
Mechanical Engineering Chair: Conor Ruppen
Chemical Engineering Chair: Chris Burton
Civil Engineering Chair: Daniel Morgan
Biomedical Engineering Chair: Jason Lazzara

Association of Honors Educators

This student group is open to all Honors students with an interest in education. 

Association of Honors Educators-- officers for 2013-2014
Director,  Kassie Wilmot
Faculty Advisor, Dr. Ruth Oswald  

 Rhythm & 'Roos - the Honors a cappella singers


Honors students interested in participating in a mixed SATB a cappella singing group are invited to complete the interest form at the Roos' main web page .   

 Rhythm & 'Roos Officers for 2013--2014
Student Director: Ben Hunsicker
President: Robbie Coon
Assistant Director: Brendan O'Hara
Publicity Chair: Greg Sauline 
Webmaster: Mackenzie Cunningham
Treasurer:  Brian Piazza

Kanga Blue

Women's a cappella singing group, founded in 2010.

Kanga Blue Officers for 2013-2014:
Heidi Honeck

Honors Book Club

 Do you like to read? Join the Honors Book Dicssion to read and discuss a wide range of books from a variety of different genres. The HBC meets once a month during each semester to discuss books chosen by group members. Attendance is welcome even if you have not completed the book

Honors Book Club Officers for 2013-2014

Officer: Julie Posinelli
Officer: Jennifer Shaw
Officer: Calli Baumberger
Website: Wordpress and Facebook.

Honors Nursing Group (HNG)

This group was founded in 2007-2008, especially for Honors students at the beginning of their study in nursing. It is open to all Honors students. Meetings are generally held every few weeks in the Honors Common Room. Programming has included alumni speaking about their nursing experiences, and faculty from the College of Nursing speaking about the programs in nursing. Snacks will be served.    


Honors Nursing Group officers for 2013-2014
President: Rachel Patterson
Vice President: Jamie Wossilek
Secretary: Kathleen Davis
Kathleen Hartzell
Historian: Dajana Markovic 

Multicultural Honors Society

This group is interested in discussing and promoting diversity and multiculturalism. It is open to all Honors College students. Contact Honors advisor Erin Ahrens for more details.

Multicultural Honors Society officers for 2013-2014
President: Tannaz Rowshanbakhtfardian
Vice-President: Nadine Aboumerhi 
Secretary: Kamshat Dukenbaeva
Events Coordinator: Garret Bendel
Historian: Stuti Kapadia