Dr. Joseph L. White Book Scholarship Fund for UA students

Dr. Joseph “Joe” White has played an integral role in the Black Male Summit since its inception in 2007. Dr. White has always emphasized the importance of education and he speaks very candidly about strategies needed for improving the retention of African American Males.

Therefore, it is fitting that The University of Akron develop a book scholarship in his name that will benefit our UA African American Male student population. With your contribution toward the book scholarship, it will assist African American Males in pursuing their educational endeavors and reaching their ultimate goal of becoming a UA graduate.

Each donation will assist a student in their persistence to become a UA graduate and their quest to secure a career, enabling their ability to become a contributing member of our community.

Check out this video of Dr. Joe White speaking about the importance of education.

Donation amount begins at but is not limited to $10
To read a full bio of Dr. Joseph L White and Black Male Summit Luncheon Dedication click here

Thank you for your kind donation to the Black Male Summit Dr. Joseph L. White Book Scholarship

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