School of Law

Fall Semester 2013
Course, Casebook, and Assignment Listing Classes begin August 19, 2013

9200:603-001/801 Huhn Constitutional Law I

Req: Huhn, Constitutional Law**


For Wednesday, August 28th, please read the decision of the Supreme Court in United States v. Windsor. The most significant portion of the opinion is Part IV of Justice Kennedy's opinion for the majority. A more detailed description of your assignment is set forth on the front page at Springboard. Please consider submitting a question or a comment about the case to the dropbox dedicated to that purpose on Springboard.


**Your casebook for Constitutional Law I has been posted to Springboard and is also available from my website at The book is in pdf format and is password protected. The password is huhnconlaw

It is not required to have a printed copy of the book. If you wish you may purchase a printed copy of the book from DocuZip at the Student Center. If you wish to order a printed copy of the book please call DocuZip at 330-972-7870 to reserve a copy. You also have my permission to print the book for personal use. I have not restricted any of the functions on the electronic copy such as highlighting or notetaking.