School of Law

Fall Semester 2014
Course, Casebook, and Assignment Listing Classes begin August 18, 2014

9200:612-001 Cravens Professional Responsibility

Req: Martyn and Fox, Traversing the Ethical Minefield, 3rd ed., Wolters Kluwer
Req: Martyn, Fox, Wendel, The Law Governing Lawyers Rules Supplement 2014, Wolters Kluwer


Please read and prepare to discuss the material in Chapter One (pages 3-21) of the casebook Traversing the Ethical Minefield (3rd edition). This includes the problems at the beginning of the chapter - consider them before you come to class and have some answers prepared for discussion. Also read and prepare to discuss the material in the Preamble to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct found in your Rules supplement (The Law Governing Lawyers - 2014-15 Edition - again, please make sure you have the current edition of the Rules supplement)


Also while it is not an assignment for the first class, you might find it a helpful thing to do at some point either before you start the course, or at some point during the first couple of weeks of the course, just to read through the black letter (not the commentary, just the text of the rules themselves) of all of the Rules of Professional Conduct, which you will find in your supplement. It doesn't take that long, and it provides a good overview/orientation of what we'll be dealing with in the course.

9200:630-001 Cravens Judicial Role: Conduct & Ethic

Req: Cardozo, The Nature of the Judicial Process, 1st ed., Yale University Press,


Please read and be prepared to discuss:

1. Pages 9-30 in the Yale University Press edition of The Nature of the Judicial Process by Benjamin Cardozo (please be careful not to purchase other editions - past students have found that they can be horribly misprinted and unreadable);

2. Other short readings linked via the TWEN page for the course, which will be available two weeks before classes begin.


Special Note to Students!!!
**Do not buy cheap knock-offs of this book online. You will find that they have been scanned from the original and students tend to find they are unreadable.