School of Law

Fall Semester 2014
Course, Casebook, and Assignment Listing Classes begin August 18, 2014

9200:619-002 LARW I

Req: Shapo, Walter and Fajans, Writing and Analysis in the Law, 6th ed., West
Req: Dickerson, ALWD Guide to Legal Citation, 5th ed., Wolters Kluwer #9781454828754


Read: Shapo pages 1-27.

Read: Talking to Students About the Differences Between Undergraduate Writing and Legal Writing by Anne Enquist (posted on Springboard). What differences between undergraduate writing and legal writing does the authority identify?

Watch the first part of the Case Law Research tutorial on the Georgetown Law Library Website (structure of the court system).

Review Course Overview and Syllabus (posted on Springboard)

9200:661-801 Environmental Law

Req: Farber and Carlson, Cases and Materials on Environmental Law, 9th ed., West


Read Chapter 1 in your textbook (pp. 1-28)

Read Natural Gas Stirs Hope and Fear in Pennsylvania, a National Geographic Special Report on the Shale Gas Rush.

View Promised Land (2012). Two copies of this DVD are on reserve in the law library or you can check this movie out of your local library. Feel free to watch the movie in groups.

As you read the article and watch the movie identify the various stakeholders. Are there any stakeholders who have been omitted from the article or movie who should be included? What are the interests of the various stakeholders you have identified? How do these interests shape arguments for and against the development of natural gas? What are the commons in this debate? How are the commons similar and different from the fisheries example in your book?

Come prepared to discuss your responses and engage in role play on this issue.