By Current Faculty Member:
Below is a list of publications for the current faculty members of the University of Akron School of Law.  Please click on the “plus” symbol next to a faculty member’s name to see a chronological list of their publications.  As you can see, the Akron Law faculty have been active in publishing traditional legal scholarship as well as works of interest to the broader community.

+Lloyd C. Anderson

+Richard L. Aynes

+Kristen Barnes

+Samuel P. Baumgartner

+Martin H. Belsky

+Richard C. Cohen

+Dana K. Cole

+Sarah M.R. Cravens

+Carolyn L. Dessin

+Bernadette Bollas Genetin

+Willa Gibson

+Wilson R. Huhn

+William S. Jordan, III

+Richard Lavoie

+Brant T. Lee

+Jacqueline Lipton

+Molly McBurney

+Sarah Morath

+E. Stewart Moritz

+Alan Newman

+A. Samuel Oddi

+Stefan J. Padfield

+William D. Rich

+Joann M. Sahl

+John P. Sahl

+Elizabeth A. Shaver

+Gary W. Spring

+Richard R. Strong

+Tracy A. Thomas

+Ryan G. Vacca

+Katharine A. Van Tassel

+Matthew J. Wilson