Volume 2 (1984)

Title Page
-- Page [i]

Table of Contents
-- Page [iii]

Federal Income Tax Developments: 1983
Briner, Merlin G., Kovach, Richard J.
-- Page 1

Subchapter S as a Vehicle in Real Estate and Oil & (and) Gas
Bravenec, Lorence L.
-- Page 55

Selling a Business and Starting Anew: Liquidation-Reincorporation in the Simple Situation
Dorocak, John R.
-- Page 103

Tax Consequences of Purchases of Computer Hardware and Software
Malone, Robert W.
-- Page 119

Report on Tax Aspects of Farmers in Bankruptcy
Turner, Ralph T.
-- Page 131

Proceedings from the 1984 Tax Institute Symposium: Cash or Deferred Arrangements under I.R.C. Section 401(k)
Appel, John H.
-- Page 183

Proceedings from the 1984 Tax Institute Symposium: Partnerships: Special Allocations under the New Regulations, the Proposed Regulations or Whatever
Siegesmund, John C.
-- Page 199

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