• Federal Income Tax Developments: 1986
Merlin G. Briner and James W. Childs
-- Page 1

• The New Tax Law: The Future of Private Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Alan Greenspan
-- Page 61

• The Tax Reform Act of 1986: Simplicity, Equity, and Efficiency
Douglas Holtz-Eakin
-- Page 69

• The Impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on Personal Investments
David D. Green
-- Page 83

• Tax Sheltering of Income: Passive Losses under the Tax Reform Act of 1986
Nina J. Crimm and Ryan R. Brenneman
-- Page 101

• The Great Tax Settlement: A Proposal to Congress
Nicholas J. Creme
-- Page 121

• A Perspective on Participant Loan Provisions in Qualified Retirement Plans after the 1986 Tax Act
Richard J. Kovach
-- Page 129

• The Repeal of General Utilities for Corporate Liquidations - The Consequences of Incomplete and Unexpected Tax Reform
Louis F. Lobenhofer
-- Page 153