New Student Programs and Orientation

All new students will have a chance to schedule for classes and connect with one another at an orientation.

Admitted students: be sure to accept your spot in the incoming class. Once you accept your spot at the University, we will assign you to an orientation program tailored for you!

Welcome, Class of 2019! Your first step as a New Roo will be attending a New Student Orientation: Advising & Registration Program. You will meet with an adviser, sign up for classes, and meet with other UA students and campus professionals.

Right before classes begin in August, you will participate in Part 2 of the Orientation process- New Roo Weekend!

Get ready for orientation!

New International Student Orientation is mandatory for any international student (undergraduate, graduate, transfer, exchange) who is new to the University this semester.

Orientation for International Students

Adults and Transfer students are often juggling additional commitments. Bring your life experiences and let us help you make the transition into being a successful student at UA.  

Get ready for orientation!

College Credit Plus students take college courses while still in high school. Some students take courses on campus, others at a distance learning lab at their high school. At orientation, you will sign up for classes and learn to use University tools.

Get ready for orientation!

Family and friends play a vital role in helping students succeed. You can be a part of the college experience from the start by joining your student at orientation! 

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Akron Adventures: An exciting program that challenges you to learn more about yourself and others before school starts.

New Roo Weekend: A fun and exciting three-day program for all new, direct-from-high-school students to help welcome you to campus.

Week of Welcome: A variety of events to help you get acquainted with the campus and your fellow students.

Akron Experience: Get involved on campus to ensure your success.

Common Reading Program: Start the semester on common ground and hear the author speak on campus.

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