Department of Physical Facilities

Service provided:

  • The delivery and pickup of temporary recycling containers for the following materials:
    • Cardboard (broken-down).
    • All paper (files, books, newspapers, etc…)
    • Plastic (Styrofoam, shrink wrap, packaging plastic, etc…)

To request temporary recycling bins please contact the recycling department a minimum of 7-10 days prior to the begining of an office clean-out.


Andrew Henry
Recycling Superintendent
Physical Facilities Operations Center
Akron, Ohio 44325-0401
330-972-6019 Office


Did you know…That the University of Akron diligently monitors and records the weights of all materials recycled? In recent years, the total tonnage of materials recycled has significantly increased.  This is a result of a campus-wide commitment to improved sustainability.

The following data is representative of the total annual tonnage for the past six years:

2007: 168.97 Tons
2008: 211.79 Tons
2009: 316.98 Tons
2010: 395.54 Tons
2011: 665.20 Tons
2012: 713.50 Tons














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