The Senior Honors Project in Philosophy consists of a substantial philosophical thesis, approximately 20-50 pages in length, including footnotes, references, and a bibliography.

The Honors student must have attained senior standing and the approval of the Philosophy Department Preceptor (currently the Department Chair) before enrolling.  Three credit hours and a letter grade will be awarded for this course.

The student is to select a thesis Sponsor from the full-time faculty within the Philosophy Department, as well as a Committee comprised of the Sponsor and two additional University faculty members to serve as Readers.  The first step is to prepare an Honors Project Proposal, which is submitted to the Honors College for approval.  After the proposal is approved, a draft of the thesis is submitted to the Sponsor for review.  Several drafts may be required before a final thesis is submitted to the Committee for approval and grading.  The final project is delivered by the student to the Honors College with a cover page signed by the Committee and the Department Chair. 

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